For Individuals, whether they possess talent or not

Unveiling hidden brilliance in our midst.

Wouldnt it be great if we could utilize anybody according to their own strength? Introducing new platform BuddyAid that connects people and can avail service from the best person.

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A united way to find services

Here you get a Buddy to manage your busy days who can be your neighbor or a friend

BuddyAid is inspired by the principle “Everybody are not good at everything-Lets start earning for what we are really good at” No Strings attached, Just start earning based on rating and review provided by your neighbors.


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Get the talents through our platform for your daily needs

Categories as below

  • Folding clothes
  • Henna artist
  • Blow-dry services
  • Elementary tutor
  • Baking partner
  • Party decorator
  • Pencil drawing
  • Snow mowing by hands
  • Morning Helper
  • Potting plants
  • Blowdry-Services
  • Haircoloring
  • Character Artist
  • Balloon twisting


We believe in community which we operate should benefit from our presence. We will operate an inclusive strategy and therefore give back to community, plus provide quality services that are not superficial but rather a positive and smile harvesting for every individual. A testament to the power of recognizing and celebrating the talents within a community.

work progress

Actively hiring Beta Users for the App Launch


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Job seekers can choose from wide area of their interests.


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Accept the job ,satisfy your customer needs and get paid instantly in third party App(Stripe)


We are committed to uncover the hidden talents but also create new connections and friendships within the community.

Our workforce are special as they work for passion and not as a job!! No Experience or Qualifications needed. As customers, search for and recognize the special abilities of people who are your neighbors! Seek out the gifted individuals in your community and celebrate their talent.

Our interesting Services below

Elderly Care

Empathetic Support for Cherished Seniors

  • walk Assist
  • grocery Assist
  • Senior care


Passionate Pursuers of Personal Passions

  • Artist
  • Guitarist
  • Knitter
  • Baking helper

Party favors

Transform your tense atmosphere to jubilant

  • Party Entertainer
  • Face painting
  • Henna Artist
  • Party Cooking helper

Who We Are

Our achievements over the years as a service based company

Have number of happy service providers who work for their passion/hobby. New service bookings are made easy and have options on daily needs.

“As a budding musician, I enjoy performing for parties and entertain people while earning few bucks.”

mack McGuire

Dublin, OH

“As an artist, I enjoy serving my community and kids to teach art with little to no investment.”

ellyn garzon

Columbus, OH


What our clients says about us

Identifying local talents have never been easier. Serving community with a purpose.

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